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Month: May 2019

American Legion commander John Nardi acknowledges Gary Barbera‘s efforts in supporting The Harold D Speakman American legion post 356

Gary Barbera receives from Commander John Nardi of American Legion for his support of the efforts for the American Legion Post 356. The American Flag flown on Memorial Day in Honor and Memory of WILLIAM G. TORCHIANA He served in the United States Army, 5th Infantry Division during the occupation of Germany after World War II, from 1948 to 1952 Trumpeter: Brad Robinson  … Read more

Gary Barbera Display Area in Atlantic City by Chickie’s and Pete’s Tropicana Offers a Chance to Win A New Car or 25K

The Gary Barbera display areas on the Atlantic City Boardwalk makes the deadline for Memorial Day Weekend. You can enter for your chance to win the 2020 sweepstakes of a car or $25K! The Barbera display areas are in front of the Chickie’s & Pete’s Tropicana entrance also down towards Resorts and then Bally’s! Barbera is the prize provider.  The official  … Read more

Fred Diaz Zac Brown Band Letter For Lyrics – FCA/RENAULT MERGER

Gary Barbera only knows what he reads about the proposed merger but says his old friend is running Mitsubishi which is part of Renault so Gary Barbera would reconnect with his old friend, Fred Diaz. Barbera worked on the letters for lyrics through his BarberaCares Program sending letters to our Armed Forces.  Fred was the driving  … Read more


Gary Barbera agrees of the move for Ram production back to Michigan. An additional advantage that’s not mentioned in the CNN article below is travel time to his dealership in Northeast Philadelphia.  As hot as the RAM is now, it is important to get the product at the dealership Fiat Chrysler will move Ram production to Michigan from Mexico  … Read more

What a Wonderful Day at Widener Memorial School’s 2019 Widener Day

Gary Barbera’s BarberaCares program was once again honored to be invited to the 33rd Annual Widener Day Event. During the month of May, the 35th police district, The Fire Department, SEPTA community businesses, family, students, teachers, aides, advocates and community services have gotten together to celebrate the unity and positivity of Widener Memorial School located  … Read more