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An October to Remember for Gary Barbera Autoland With Year Over Year Sales Up 48% in October as CNBC’s Phil LeBeau Watches Over

In a recent article, CNBC reporter Phil LeBeau discussed “how auto dealers see slowing sales, sparking fears that a long- decline is here.” In the article he mentioned how, “Gary Barbera who sells, Jeep, Ram Dodge and Chrysler models in Philadelphia, said his sales team has to “dig a little deeper” to close a sale. Still, business is up more than 6 percent this month he said.”

As it turns out, Gary Barbera over delivered on that statement with year over year sales coming in at 48% growth for October. “I have to hand it to our sales team, they continue to go the extra mile to deliver great value and service to our customers”, said Gary Barbera.

During a news release by the FCA on November 1, 2018, it has been reported that “U.S. sales of 177,391 vehicles in October, a 16% increase compared with sales in October 2017 of 153,373 vehicles.” With Gary Barbera’s year over year increase at 48%, Barbera’s on the Blvd continues to deliver a winning solution through great marketing and exceptional customer service!

About Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard:

1000 Vehicles – 1 Location and 300 Jeeps Cheap! At Barbera’s on the Boulevard (7810 E. Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19152) where all they do is discount Dodges, Chryslers, Rams and yes…Jeeps Cheap! That’s the Barbera story – always has been, always will be. With billions in auto credit to lend, Barbera’s on the Boulevard has been the number one choice to get deals done for decades; even for those who are way less than perfect. From special zero down and zero percent programs available on new to previously enjoyed Barbera Beauties from just $6900…Barbera’s on the Boulevard and, in particular Gary Barbera, is an unmatched driving force. Their Barbera Cares program, founded on the principle of “Support, Enhance & Inspire” helps give back and lift up deserving individuals and organizations; many right here in our hometown. Just like selling cars…Barbera Cares fights for the little guy – and gets it done! Is Barbera’s on the Boulevard the Best? Boy I Guess!