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Charitable Minded Philly Car Guy, Gary Barbera, Cleans Up South Philadelphia, Meeting Deadline For the Broad Street Run

Gary Barbera and his Barbera Cares program entered South Philly with their BigBelly Solar-Powered Trash Compactors partnership.

This partnership has given Barbera the opportunity to utilize his trash bins around the city for good, keeping the City of Brotherly Love clean just in time for the infamous Broad Street Run. These recycle compactors have been placed at the entrance of Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. Philadelphia Sports Complex

XfinityBarbera saw this opportunity as a great way to help his community and is a perfect fit with his Barbera Cares program.“We’re so happy to be able to help keep the streets of Philly clean all year round,” Barbera explained. “This partnership will help the environment, while also helping the local Street Department.”

In addition, Barbera showcased the Jeep’s from his inventory at Barbera’s on the Boulevard because Jeep was the Official Auto and Pace car of the Broad Street Run. Not only were runners able to see their family and friends competing in the race, thousands of spectators who lined Broad Street were able to see the Jeep brand leading the way.

About Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard and BarberaCares – Proud Recipient of Family Business Awards

Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard proudly celebrates their 30th anniversary since swinging open the doors showcasing Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, and CPOV vehicles collaborating with its own Philadelphia’s Credit Connection- On-Site Instant Auto Credit. Over 1,000 vehicles, including 300 Jeeps Cheap, Barbera’s Autoland is recognized by FCA as Philadelphia’s #1 volume dealer in both new and pre-owned vehicles for decades. Getting their start as a Dodge dealer has propelled them to be the #1 Dodge Dealer in 6 states (PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA and WV) since the start, while receiving Chrysler’s highest accolade, J D Power certification. Broad Street Run

The Barbera Culture is rooted in the belief that “Business Comes Where It is Invited and Stays where It is Well Treated”. The Barbera organization hires hospitality and trains talent, instilling within every single employee the philosophy of guest hospitality, consistent service, and gratefulness for the client’s most precious gift of their precious time. Their proudest moments are when they are welcoming back families who have purchased 9-10 cars, and who send their friends and family. The biggest compliment is the wonderful, thoughtful gift of a referral of family and friends.

The Barbera family credits their parents with instilling the Barbera Culture of Hospitality, Family Values, and Work Ethic. Their mother, Rita Barbera—known to all as “Lovely Rita”—was kind, socially conscience, and valued family and hardwork. Their father, Eugene Barbera, planted the automotive seed through his business, Palm Auto, a carwash, gas station, auto repair, and body shop center located in Fishtown before it bloomed into the sprawling area it is today. The Barbera family would work for their father as children, inspired by their father’s work ethic and client satisfaction standards. Their dad said, “Hard work never hurt anyone, but aggravation sure will kill you.”

Honored to be recognized with The Family Owned Business Award for dual accolades—Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard for positively impacting their communities economically and BarberaCares for Community Service Excellence.

BarberaCares principles of Support, Enhance, and Inspire lead the way in community service, including broadcasting their “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign and “Keep the Boulevard Safe” message to everyone, especially the young. Proud to be the inaugural partner of Governor Edward G. Rendell’s Adopt-A-Highway state wide clean up initiative from the ground up, 1000’s of Turkey and Winter Coat hand deliveries to underserved sections of the city such as Strawberry Mansion, massively leading the way in Solar Recycling Cans around the city. Support of Philadelphia’s finest including P.A.L., honoring Veterans for their service and sacrifice. Of course, 1000’s of individuals, children, families, youth groups, churches, and synagogues have been added to the list of those being assisted by BarberaCares over the 3 decades.

Their Philly famous mascot, the Barbera Bear, can be seen helping out and entertaining during parades and community clean-ups. Gary Barbera’s Autoland is also known for being where the Stars buy their Cars! It all began with Jim McMahon and Doug Pederson as a young Quarterback in the 90’s with many, many stars in between and after. Now, it’s Coach Doug Pederson, and he’s been driving Barbera for decades! Now it’s your turn. I would be remorse if I didn’t ask you….

Is Barbera the Best… Boy I Guess!

About BigBelly™ Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

The solar panel on top of each trash bin collects and stores energy from the sun. When the trash inside reaches a certain level, it is automatically compacted. This process is repeated until the bin is finally full of tightly compacted trash and soiled paper – five times the amount a regular bin holds! A sensor in each bin enables the Streets Department to compare the fill-rate of the bins, so they can be re-positioned accordingly.

Regular bins always needed emptying up to four times every day, which meant lots of workers manning lots of trash trucks blocking lots of traffic and burning lots of fuel. By converting from wire baskets to BigBellies, collections are reduced from an average of 17 per week using three crew shifts to about 3 per week using one crew shift. This frees up time for Streets Department employees to tackle other issues. Overall, collection costs are reduced by over $800,000 per year.

BigBelly trash bins are definitely the wave of the future, and Philly is one of the national leaders in adopting them