Celebrities Bring Jeep Brand Awareness to Philadelphia

Gary Barbera believes the celebrity notoriety of Alex Rodriguez, Maria Menounos and the Infatuation’s Andrew Steinthal & Chris Stang will help the Jeep name. Since New York is so close to Philadelphia, these celebrities will increase the Jeep brand awareness, as well the additional Jeep configurations, as target buyers continue to evolve. BELOW NEWS PROVIDED  … Read more

Top 5 Fall Road Trips for Jeep Lovers

From our Eagles champions to our world renown Philly cheesesteaks, we all know that Philly is the greatest place on earth. But sometimes, you’ve gotta trade the misery of riding the SEPTA for thrill of riding your Jeep right out of town! Gary Barbera has the 5 best fall road trips to take from Philly  … Read more