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Gary Barbera’s Fall Driving Safety Tips

Fall Driving TipsFall means a number of wonderful things like foliage, baking pumpkin pies, and cozying up by the fire. For drivers, fall unfortunately brings dangerous and unpredictable road conditions. Sun glare, rain and animals are just a few of the things that you might encounter on the road this fall. Gary Barbera wants you to stay safe on the roads this season with these smart driving tips.

Don’t break on leaves

Fall foliage is beautiful, but as the leaves begin to fall, they make the roads slick while covering traffic lines. Not only is it difficult to see the roads, they can be just as dangerous as driving on ice. Drive slowly and avoid hard braking. Breaking on leaves can cause you to lose traction on the road and swerve out of control.

Sun Glare

When you’re driving to work in the morning, you might notice that it’s difficult to see the road, cars in front of you, and even pedestrians. You might also notice increased traffic on your way to and from work. This is because the first 15-45 minutes after the sunrise and before the sunset, which makes it very difficult to see during the morning and evening rush hours.


This might be obvious, but the combination of rain and leaves makes for dangerous driving conditions. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, as the roads are more slick than usual, you are more likely to hydroplane.

Check Your Car Before You Leave

Your tires are one of the main things that keeps you safe on the road. Think of tire tread as the soles of your shoes. You need them to keep you from slipping when you’re walking. Your tire tread helps you perform better on rainy surfaces. Proper tire pressure will keep you rolling smoothly and safely this season.

Animals on the Road  

Did you know, you are three times more likely to hit an animal, especially deer? Fall is the beginning of deer breeding season, and that’s why you typically see more of them. Be extra careful when driving near wooded areas and deer crossings.

Use these tips to stay safe on the road. Gary Barbera is committed to bringing safe driving tips to the people of Philadelphia. Visit Gary’s website to learn how he is keeping the Boulevard in Philadelphia safe!