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Jeep Gladiator Bed Dimensions and Features

We met the Gladiator just a few short months ago at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and in just a few short weeks it will be at your local dealership. The Gladiator will be one of the hottest vehicles to hit the market this year. We want our customers at Barbera Autoland to know about their new Jeep Gladiator before they even drive off the lot. From the pickup bed to the new features, all of these aspects make it one of Gary Barbera’s favorite Jeeps!

Pickup Bed Dimensions

We know that the Gladiator has a 1,600 lb payload capacity, but here are some other features that you might not know about the Gladiator. When you open the tailgate, the width of the opening of the back of the bed is over 4 ft. wide, and the bed is 5 ft. from the front to back.

There is a 17 ½ inch depth from the top of your bed rail down to the bottom, which will give you great access to whatever cargo you might want to put in the back. Whether you’re loading up plywood for your next home improvement project or taking a trip up to the mountains to go canoeing, the Gladiator can handle whatever you throw its way.

In addition, there is a three position tailgate, which is standard on every Gladiator that allows for larger items to fit in the back when needed. The tailgate goes down, closes and opens half way. To put the tailgate in the middle position, take the two tailgate support cables and put them behind the brackets to lock them in place.

Awesome Pickup Features

When your using your pickup at night, there is in-bed LED lighting that lights up the bed of the truck. The Gladiator comes with four standard tie downs, two rigid tie downs and two swivel tie downs. These allow you hold down all of your cargo while traveling. If your a fan of dirt bikes, there are tire marks in the bed of the Gladiator, which allow you to easily guide your dirt bike into the back with ease.

The standard features are awesome to begin with, so imagine the additional accessories that you can purchase for your Gladiator. If you want to add a liner to your pickup, there is a sprayed in textured bed liner that you can order from Jeep. There is also a cargo rail management system with three rails on each side with adjustable sliding tie downs, which gives you even more flexibility when carrying cargo. If you’re a fan of camping, there is a power outlet accessory that you can add to the bed of your pickup.

No matter what type of job you throw at the Gladiator, it has got you covered. With the real world functionality into the bed of the truck it’s one of the best midsize pickups on the market. Ready to start cruisin’ in your Gladiator pickup? Then get to Barbera’s on the Boulevard today and purchase the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator!