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Jeep Gladiator in Philadelphia Takes On The Pickup Market

We all know Americans love their pickup trucks—but none of them have had removable doors. In just a few short weeks, the Jeep Gladiator will go into battle against trucks and SUVs on the market. As Jeep’s first pickup in almost 30 years, the new Gladiator is drastically different from rival trucks. From the removable doors to the tailgates cool new features, the Jeep Gladiator in Philadelphia will give other trucks and SUVs on the market a run for their money—and here’s why:

Different Than The Competition

If the removable doors weren’t convincing enough, the windshield folds down and the hardtop comes off. If you don’t want to be cooped up in your hot car over the summer? Picture yourself on a warm summer day with the sun beating down, the wind running through your hair and the freedom of the open road.

“A lot of these trucks are interchangeable—not necessarily different other than the sheet metal,” explained Jeep marketing head Scott Tallon. “We sweat the details on how to package and deliver something that’s different and unique. Those little nuances I think are really what’s going to set it apart.”Jeep Gladiator in Philly

Better Off-Road Performance

Jeep people like Jeeps because they are unique and are better at off-road performance. With the Gladiator, there’s no road trip you won’t be able to embark on. From boats to jet skis, kayaks to dirt bikes, ATVs to motorbikes, there’s nothing the 2020 Jeep Gladiator can’t easily handle.

If you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, then the Gladiator is the vehicle for you. If you’re packing up your pickup for your trip to the beach or mountains and don’t have enough room, you’ll find extra storage under the back seats, and the tailgate can be locked in at a half-lowered position.

The Gladiator Experts Are Here To Help

Make this summer a season to remember with the Jeep Gladiator. If you’re in the market for a new Jeep Gladiator, the experts at Barbera’s on the Boulevard have got you covered. Be on the lookout for when this new pickup hits the market this spring, and get to Barbera’s on the Boulevard as soon as you can and purchase the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator!