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The Most American-Made Car is the Jeep Cherokee and there’s 300 Jeeps Cheap at Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard.

As reported by FOXBusiness 66% of American consumers want their major purchases to contribute to the American Economy. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle Jeep Cherokee is the most American made car according to the annual ranking. utilizes the analytics of an American-Made Index (AMI) that takes into account parts content, labor components, and factory workforce. Jeep Cherokee came out on top of the index, built in Belvidere, Illinois. Jeep is owned by Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler.

Older customers were more likely to care about purchasing a car that contributes the most to the U.S. economy, while 61 percent of those ages 18-34 listed it as a concern, according to an adjoining survey by

“Younger generations aren’t any less patriotic than past generations, but they likely don’t prioritize buying American to the same extent as their parents and grandparents because they grew up with imported brands and digital access to goods from all over the world their entire lives,” said Kelsley Mays, Senior Editor.

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